Andrei W. Konradi

Andrei W. Konradi is an expert in small molecule drug discovery. Andrei can assist life-sciences entrepreneurs in the following areas.

  • Drug discovery feasibility assessment
  • Strategies to create chemical intellectual property
  • Definition of projects, milestones, and teams
  • Utilizing contract research

Andrei is an independent consultant serving several companies and nonprofit organizations. Formerly, Andrei was the leader of the medicinal chemistry group at Elan Pharmaceuticals. Most of Andrei’s experience is in the fields of inflammation and neurodegeneration, but more recently Andrei has been approaching cancer. Andrei has coinvented six drug candidates that already have been tested in clinical trials. Andrei is a coinventor on 61 issued US patents, and a coauthor of 38 scientific publications. Andrei was educated at The Scripps Research Institute (post-doctoral fellow), Berkeley (PhD), and MIT (SB).