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From the Laboratory to Leadership™ – 8th Edition

Your science is on the cutting edge. Are your people?

From the Laboratory to Leadership turns science-minded managers into capable business leaders. That means they’ll get the core management skills they need to fully leverage your company’s human capital.

In this four-day program, developed exclusively for managers in scientific fields, participants will learn how to:

  • Create productive teams in a challenging matrix-based team environment
  • Clearly communicate goals and expectations resulting in a highly engaged and productive workforce
  • Run effective meetings that drive results and minimize the time away from your employees highest payoff activities
  • Resolve conflict and reduce stress through an increased understanding of personality and work styles
  • Leverage limited resources to meet major milestones
  • Delegate with confidence while better utilizing your resources and talent
  • Conduct performance reviews and motivate employees through clear communication, employee development plans and the celebration of successes

The program includes company and industry relevant case studies, practical and engaging exercises, down-loadable support tools for each session, and a manual designed to personalize the training for each participant.

Add it all up, and From the Laboratory to Leadership brings out the best in your managers – which brings out the best performance from your company. It’s no wonder this program has served more than 5000 managers from 500 life science organizations, including Exelixis, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development, The Burnham Institute and Roche Pharmaceuticals.