The CLSI Expert Network enables life science startups to connect with industry professionals for answers to questions about establishing and growing a successful new life science company.

The CLSI Expert Network is staffed by highly experienced experts in business development, business planning, capital formation & partnering, clinical trials, commercial & marketing strategy, drug discovery, drug development, facilities, finance, fundraising, grants, insurance, intellectual property, human resources, leadership/executive teams, legal, operations & administration, outsourcing, R&D strategy, regulatory affairs, and more. Experts in the network are available to provide up to 10 hours per year of pro bono advice. View our CLSI Experts »

Take advantage of invaluable feedback from our Expert Network:

  • Connect to resources and individuals qualified to supply practical advice on advancing your startup to the next level
  • Receive fundraising guidance from traditional and new sources of capital
  • Benefit from coaching on how to develop a sound business plan and communicate your vision to investors and partners
  • Gain insight, confidence and the ability to attract funding and quality team members

Our Objective is to Help You
The CLSI Expert Network exists to provide helpful business advising to life science startups at no cost. Experts are available to help entrepreneurs define issues, set objectives and identify critical resources. Use of the Expert Network is not intended to substitute for the engagement of paid service providers.

How to Apply
Start by contacting our Expert Network directly by completing a brief online application. Once you have submitted an application, you will be referred within five business days to an advisor with expertise suited to your needs. Please read and agree to the (1) Terms and Conditions and (2) Confidential Information Policy in order to submit an online application.

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