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Bio-Link Depot

Tax-Deductible Equipment, Supply & Consumable Donations

Northern California companies can make tax deductible donations of equipment, supplies and consumables – giving them a second-life in cash-starved classrooms – through the Bio-Link equipment Depot, located near SFO at the City College of San Francisco Airport Campus. The Depot accepts high caliber equipment and supplies from donating entities and makes them available to over 200 teachers and 85,000 students in Northern California high schools, community colleges, and universities.

As biotech companies restructure, move or upgrade their equipment and supplies, the Depot is a compelling alternative to the auction house or landfill. Interested donors can arrange with the Depot to have their items picked up regardless of size or quantity. The Depot ensures that Donor’s contributions are known by recipients and thanks contributing companies on its website.

Dave Menshew, a 16-year educator with the Modesto City Schools District and prior recipient of the Teacher of the Year award program, estimates that the Depot has provided his students with supplies, equipment and materials “totaling over $123,000 in full retail value. Even at a discounted rate for those items that were previously used, it is our belief that [these assets are] valued at over $75,000 in the open market.”

Donate Funds and Volunteer

Biotech companies can also support local science education by providing financial support and by encouraging their employees to volunteer at the Depot. A number of companies have used the latter as team-building opportunities, having their employee volunteers assist with sorting, inventorying, building shelves, and organizing equipment and supplies.

To learn more about how to donate items to the Depot, please contact Daniel Michael,; cell: (415) 335-2263; office: (650) 821-0112

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