Bay Area Science Festival Kickoff at Exploratorium

We’re kicking off the Bay Area Science Festival with a celebration of fascinating science from around the Bay Area. Enjoy special guest lectures by Andrew Oliphant (San Francisco State Department of Geography), William Cochlan, PhD (Romberg Tiberon Center), and Ben Davis (Bay Lights and Pi in The Sky). Get creative all evening long with the Tinkering Social Club’s hands-on activities, or participate in The Really Big Questions, an engaging group conversation about what makes for good storytelling.

This also marks the debut of Homouroboros, a large-scale interactive zoetrope by San Francisco artist Peter Hudson, in the public plaza at Pier 15. At 24 feet tall, the work’s tree-like steel frame and mushroom-cloud-shaped canopy is an attention-getter. 18 human-sized monkeys dangle from its branches. By pounding on drums built into the base of the trunk, visitors cause the top of the tree to spin, turning the monkeys on their branches into a vision-bending arboreal escapade. Strobe lights at night, and special goggles during the day, complete the Homouroboros experience – a phenomenon of the eye called “persistence of vision” that turns the 18 monkeys into a three-dimensional motion picture. The monkeys appear as a single, animated monkey, snatching an apple from the mouth of a serpent slithering down a branch. Close inspection reveals that the mouth of the serpent is really in the shape of a human hand.

Get a taste for the entire festival in one night – see you at our kickoff!

When: 10/24, 6-10PM
Where: The Exploratorium at Pier 15
Cost: $15, $10 Members, Adults 18+ only