Bell Biosystems Secures Series A Financing

BayBio member Bell Biosystems Inc. announced two major developments in its pioneering efforts to create synthetic organelles for life science research – Series A financing and acceptance into the Janssen Labs Program at QB3@953 in San Francisco, the premier life science startup incubator in the Bay Area.

Bell Biosystems, one of the original emerging companies to participate in the BayBio Fellows program, announced that the new funds are being used to scale up R&D efforts, increase industry partnerships and expand collaborations with key opinion leaders who are integrating Magnelles®, the world’s first living MRI contrast agents, into their preclinical research programs. Magnelles® are genetically wired to reproduce within cells and their progeny, making them a unique noninvasive tool to track cells.

The financing, coupled with compelling experimental results from early adopters, will accelerate the commercialize of Bell Bioystem’s Magnelle®. With initial funding from Breakout Labs, new investors Stanford-StartX Fund, top-tier Silicon Valley Angels, Angel Groups and Venture Capitalists will fund Bell Biosystems.

Bell Biosystems has proved the versatility of Magnelles® in a variety of cell types, earned revenue, expanded the team and IP estate, and undertaken initial toxicology studies to assess potential clinical applications.