California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI) Launches to Maintain California’s Leadership in Life Sciences Innovation

CLSI, an affiliate of California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), is focused on driving entrepreneurship, education and career development

– JUNE 15, 2015 – California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI), the 501(c)(3) non-profit partner of the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), launched today to focus on fostering the innovation that has made California home to the world’s most prominent life sciences ecosystem. The Institute was previously known as the BayBio Institute, which was established in 1990. Today, CLSI works to ensure that the economic and intellectual power of California’s life sciences sector and its employees remains strong. CLSI programs are strategically focused in the three vital areas:

  • Entrepreneurship—Connecting life sciences entrepreneurs to essential capital and resources
  • Education—Bringing together industry and academia to improve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education
  • Careers—Exposing students to career pathways and opportunities, connecting employers with talent, and providing ongoing professional development

“CLSI is building a stronger life sciences sector for the future by supporting its students, employees and entrepreneurs today,” said Lori Lindburg, Executive Director of CLSI. “For our industry to continue as an economic engine for California, we must continue to invest in and support the next generation of innovators by building and scaling a framework for life sciences education, entrepreneurship and career development.”

“Life sciences innovation is the lifeblood of California’s economic health. In order to keep it flowing in California, we must be vigilant about nurturing its sources,” said Sara Radcliffe, President & CEO of CLSA. “As a unified voice for California’s life sciences sector, CLSA is supporting and advancing our state’s leadership in all stages of science research, development and commercialization. While CLSI’s focus has been renewed, the Institute draws upon a 25-year legacy of supporting the life sciences community.”

CLSI was recently part of a San Francisco-based consortium awarded a $6 million California Career Pathways Trust grant, which will bring local students together with  life sciences and IT companies to assist with developing careers in both sectors. Click here to learn more.

About California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI)
California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI) supports the foundations of innovation that have made California home to the world’s most prominent life sciences ecosystem. With a focus on the San Francisco Bay Area, CLSI’s mission is to maintain California’s leadership in life sciences innovation through support of entrepreneurship, education and career development. CLSI is an affiliate of the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), which represents over 750 life sciences organizations. The California Life Sciences Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3), and was established in 1990 as the BayBio Institute. Learn more at www.califesciences.org.

About California Life Sciences Association (CLSA)
California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) is the leading voice for California’s life sciences sector. We work closely with industry, government, academia and other stakeholders to shape public policy, drive business solutions and grow California’s life sciences innovation ecosystem. CLSA serves over 750 biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics companies, research universities and institutes, investors and service providers. CLSA was founded in 2015 when the Bay Area Bioscience Association (BayBio) and the California Healthcare Institute (CHI) merged to create the state’s most influential life sciences advocacy and business leadership organization. Visit CLSA at www.califesciences.org, and follow us on Twitter @CALifeSciences, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Will Zasadny
Manager, Communications for CLSA