Calling All Entrepreneurs: Meet the BayBio Expert Network

The success of life science entrepreneurs in Northern California has fueled global innovation and the state’s economic growth for more than four decades. We have seen first-hand the pivotal role entrepreneurship plays in driving R&D, economic development and job creation.

While we continue to see a proliferation of startups in our region, it has never been more difficult to get a company off the ground. Fortunately, we have a tremendous resource here – – accomplished industry executives ready to share their deep experience and guide young companies.

Imagine what 10 hours of free advice from experts could mean to a Bay Area startup? When starting a new life science company, qualified advice and access to the right technical assistance are two of the most powerful and determining resources we can offer an entrepreneur or scientist.

As part of BayBio’s commitment to nurture the next generation of life science companies, we are launching the BayBio Expert’s Network to provide pro bono advice in the areas of business planning, capital formation, partnering, facilities, finance, insurance, intellectual property, human resources, legal, operations, administration and regulatory affairs to life science entrepreneurs.

The BayBio Expert Network amasses decades of startup and operations know-how, which can be essential to a young company’s ability to survive and thrive. Often some of the most innovative visionaries simply lack the experience to forcefully present their discoveries and strategic plan. Others need assistance in specific areas — identifying facilities, managing IP or tackling regulatory issues.

You may be planning to start a new company, exploring an innovative business model or seeking lucrative ways to collaborate.  The BayBio Expert Network can provide:  invaluable industry intelligence and guidance; practical advice on advancing a startup to the next level; fundraising guidance on traditional and new sources of capital; and coaching in business plan development and communicating your vision to investors and partners.

The Expert Network complements our BayBio Fellows Program, which offers a qualified life science companies a one-year scholarship for BayBio membership and access to the full portfolio of BayBio Business Solutions. Together with BayBio’s Pharma Partnering Program, Entrepreneur & Investor Roundtables, Venture Spotlights, the Expert Network and Fellows programs fulfill BayBio’s commitment to innovators and entrepreneurs, by ensuring access to the networks, capital and expertise that distinguish Northern California.

Please help BayBio get the word out about these programs and the new BayBio Expert Network. This could make the difference between an innovative discovery that never reaches commercialization — and the successful launch of a new life science company.