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Vesalius Cardiovascular

Organization Address 2525 Willow Street, 506, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 3N8, Canada Website Vesalius Cardiovascular is a Canadian medical device company in the structural heart space. We are developing an implant able to repair a major and very common heart valve disease called Degenerative Mitral Regurgitation, without surgery. We are currently at preclinical stage. … Continue reading Vesalius Cardiovascular

Specific Biologics

Organization Address 661 University Ave, Toronto, Ontario M5G 0B7, CA Website Specific Biologics, a discovery stage company based in JLABS @ Toronto, is developing a platform technology to treat or cure disease through precision gene editing. Our new gene editor Dualase overcomes two problems with current gene editing technologies – random DNA insertions / … Continue reading Specific Biologics


Organization Address 191 Halifax Street  Moncton, NB E1C 9R6 Website The ability to accurately screen for lung cancer has been studied for decades, but no viable technology has been able to accomplish this task. Picomole’s patented technology and advanced machine learning algorithm has been proven detect lung cancer with high accuracy. We are poised … Continue reading Picomole


Organization Address 400 Montfort St Suite J-1130 POB 001 Montreal, Canada H3C 4J9 Website Perceiv AI is a precision medicine technology company dedicated to improving treatment efficacy through refined patient selection.  Thanks to multiple partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and research centers, Perceiv AI is developing digital biomarkers to help clinical trials succeed by … Continue reading PerceivAl

Optina Diagnostics

Organization Address 7405 Transcanadienne Highway, Suite 330 Montréal (Québec) H4T 1Z2 Website Optina Diagnostics focuses on changing mindsets when it comes to brain health, by using the retina, the only part of the central nervous system with direct visual access, as a proxy to the brain. Through its Retinal Deep Phenotyping platform, based on its … Continue reading Optina Diagnostics

MIMOSA Diagnostics

Organization Address 1 Yonge Street, Suite 201, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1E5, CA Website MIMOSA Diagnostics is an mHealth innovator building the next generation of patient monitoring and assessment tools. Driven by artificial intelligence and delivered through the cloud, MIMOSA uses multi-spectral mobile tissue analysis to go beyond anatomy to assess and measure the physiology … Continue reading MIMOSA Diagnostics

Fluid Biotech

Organization Address 3655 36 St NW, Calgary, Alberta T2L1Y8, CA Website Founded by two neurosurgeons, Fluid Biotech has invented the world’s first bio-absorbable flow-diverting stent to repair blood vessels. We have developed a unique vascular implant that has been designed to gently divert blood flow away from a weakness such as a brain aneurysm, thus allowing the blood vessel wall to … Continue reading Fluid Biotech


Organization Address 29 Rowan Street St. John’s, NL A1B 2X2, Canada Website BreatheSuite is Canadian an inhaler-tech company that builds inhaler add-on devices to track and train proper inhaler adherence and technique. By the use of add-on devices paired with a mobile app, Asthma & COPD patients are informed, reminded and taught how to … Continue reading BreatheSuite


Organization Address JLABS @ Toronto, Toronto, ON M5S 3E1, Canada Website AmacaThera is a Toronto-based biotechnology company focused on developing and commercializing a unique, injectable hydrogel platform technology for a wide range of medical applications.  AmacaThera’s platform technology addresses the critical problem of sustaining therapeutic delivery of pharmacological agents for multiple disease areas.  The … Continue reading AmacaThera


Contact Website Membio is on a mission to ensure the world has a safe and sufficient supply of blood. Globally, only 40% of the world’s need for blood is able to be supplied from the current donation system, leaving over $60+ Billion in unfulfilled market demand. Even in the USA, there is a … Continue reading Membio