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Xiretsa is developing innovative therapies for difficult-to-treat bacterial infections. Our proprietary platform technology consists of a novel class of small molecules, known as ACEs, which selectively target bacterial membranes. ACEs are rapidly bactericidal, effective against biofilms and dormant bacteria, and are significantly less prone to acquired resistance relative to traditional antibiotics. Xiretsa is a preclinical … Continue reading Xiretsa

Catena Biosciences

Current approaches for autoimmune therapies rely on symptom mitigation and inflammation reduction and require chronic medication for the patient’s lifetime. What is sorely needed is a disease modifying approach that targets the upstream cause of autoinflammation, the production of self-targeted antibodies. Catena’s platform allows for the rapid coupling of proteins for the creation of novel therapeutics … Continue reading Catena Biosciences

Ravel Biotechnology

Ravel Biotechnology is commercializing an analytic technology platform capable of early disease detection from cell-free DNA. Early detection of disease through population level screening has led to decreased mortality and lowered healthcare costs for a set of diseases. The company’s technology enables the accelerated development and validation of screening tests for a wide range of … Continue reading Ravel Biotechnology

Jupiter Therapeutics

Jupiter Therapeutics is a platform biotechnology company focused on creating a new class of cell-membrane based therapeutics. We use cell engineering to make customized vesicles for immuno-oncology, gene therapy, and targeted drug delivery. Jupiter’s first application in immuno-oncology is a highly differentiated approach that addresses both the feasibility of translating cell-derived vesicles to the clinic and … Continue reading Jupiter Therapeutics

Gryphon Bio

Gryphon Bio is a preclinical-stage therapeutic bioconjugate company created to harness our co-founders’ discovery of unexpected waves of molecules as novel therapeutic targets and temporal biomarkers in the blood to accelerate central nervous system (CNS) repair. We are developing a promising, diversified pipeline of lead therapeutic bioconjugates to accelerate CNS repair by following clues from nature’s sequence … Continue reading Gryphon Bio

Rubik Therapeutics

Solid cancers comprise over 90% of adult, 68% of adolescents and young adult, and 40% of pediatric cancers. Cell therapies–immune cells engineered to target specific tumor antigens, have shown remarkable efficacy in hematological malignancies such as leukemias and lymphomas. However, in solid tumors, cell therapies have had limited activity, and in cases, severe toxicity due … Continue reading Rubik Therapeutics

Underdog Pharmaceuticals

At Underdog Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Underdog), our mission is to cure age-related disease by addressing and repairing the underlying damage driving such disease, and we intend to start with the first true diseasemodifying treatment for atherosclerosis. Our core platform emerged from the research laboratories of SENS Research Foundation (SRF), the only non-profit dedicated to the development … Continue reading Underdog Pharmaceuticals

Seismic Bio

Seismic Bio, Inc. is an emerging preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing bispecific therapeutic antibodies that enable controlled activation of the immune system to fight cancer.  The company is committed to advancing the field of immuno-oncology, with a focus on treating solid tumor types that fail to respond to immune checkpoint inhibitors.  Using cutting-edge science at the … Continue reading Seismic Bio

Sardona Therapeutics

Sardona Therapeutics is scaling new peaks in cancer therapy. We are developing novel small molecule drugs to transform patient outcomes by targeting RNA regulators.

Navega Therapeutics

Navega Therapeutics is a preclinical stage company pursuing a radically different approach to treat chronic pain and tackle the opioid epidemic. At Navega, we have developed a novel gene therapy to treat severe chronic pain that is non-addictive, highly specific, and long lasting. We were inspired by nature: there are humans that have a mutation … Continue reading Navega Therapeutics