Ankush Argade

Ankush Argade, PhD, is the founder, CEO, and CSO of Amarit Biosciences, Inc. (AmaritBio), an innovative startup company located in Sunnyvale, focusing on discovery and preclinical optimization of small molecule therapeutics as disease modifying therapies in neurology space to treat Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy and Neuro-Oncology. Since founding AmaritBio, Dr. Argade has dedicated himself to build the company portfolio including the product pipeline, assembling key team members, business development, intellectual property, connecting with VCs for funding etc.

Prior to founding AmaritBio, Dr. Argade served in various organizations such as Purdue (in collaboration with National Cancer Institute), Eli Lilly and Company, and Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in various capacities viz. researcher, team leader and research director where he was instrumental with his discovery and preclinical optimization of small molecule therapeutics in oncology, immunology, virology and cardiovascular areas. As a result, he and his medicinal chemistry team successfully completed the discovery, preclinical optimization and CMC part to yield 6 IND filings for further clinical development with more than 75 issued patents and several publications in peer reviewed national and international journals. Dr. Argade holds PhD degree in organic/medicinal chemistry from Pune University, Pune, India and Post-doctoral training from H. C. Brown, Nobel Laureate’s Lab, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.

Additionally, Dr. Argade serves as a Scientific Advisor with a research group at Stanford University’s School of Medicine in Neurology space on discovery and preclinical optimization of small molecule therapeutics for neurological disorders. Similarly, as a Faculty Advisor in Medicinal Chemistry at Molecular Medicine Research Institute (MMRI), Sunnyvale, CA, he contributes with the lead optimization and ADME challenges associated with small molecules to treat a host of oncology and immunology indications. Since year 2016, Dr. Argade has started serving as a member of Advisory Team of Fellow All-Star Team (FAST) program at California Life Sciences Institute, South San Francisco, CA. Furthermore, he also continues his service as an Ambassador/Advocate with the Alzheimer’s Association, which is one of the largest associations designed to promote Alzheimer’s research, providing assistance to patients and caregivers.