Jennie Mather

Dr Jennie Mather brings a depth and breadth of experience to founding new companies in the biotech space. Her career begun in academia, where, as an Assistant Professor at The Rockefeller University, she conducted basic research in reproductive biology. Jennie joined Genentech in 1984 where her career covered both the development of mammalian host cell lines and recombinant protein production processes and discovery research. Her work contributed to the realization of eight of Genentech’s marketed products, including the monoclonal antibody therapeutics Herceptin® and Avastin ®. In 1999, Dr. Mather was the founder and CEO of Raven biotechnology, inc., a company based on the innovative use of stem cells as drug discovery platforms, where she led a successful effort to accelerate innovative ideas from bench to clinical testing. Raven was acquired by MacroGenics, Inc in 2008. Two Raven products have reached the clinical trial stage. Currently Jennie is a founder of CanFel Therapeutics and The Chief Scientific Advisor and Director of Kairui Biotech in Zuhai, China.

Dr. Mather’s work led to 61 issued US patents in serum-free media for the manufacturing of proteins, therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, and tissue and cancer stem cell lines. She has authored over 150 publications including seminal books on serum-free culture of mammalian cells, including stem cells. Jennie is the distinguished recipient of numerous industry and government awards including recognition by the USPTO, PCT (WIPO), HBA, Red Herring Magazine and World Economic Forum.