Helena Mancebo

Dr. Mancebo has over 19 years’ experience in drug discovery research and management in the biotech industry in the silicon-valley and 25 years’ experience in life science research. She is the founder and CEO of Multispan, Inc. She has led Multispan’s successful invention and practice of its patented expression technology and antibody generation platform, and its growth into an industry’s leading solution provider in GPCR drug discovery research. Prior to founding Multispan in 2004, Dr. Mancebo held increasing research and management responsibilities in drug discovery companies including Tularik (Amgen) and Abgenix (Amgen). She is the inventor of 8 patents and co-author of many research articles in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Mancebo holds a Ph.D. in Genetics/Immunology and a M.S. in Chemistry from Yale University.