Pia Abola

Pia Abola, PhD., specializes in content marketing for the life sciences. Combining a wide range of experiences at the bench with over seven years in marketing, she helps clients create effective marketing and communication strategies and compelling content.

Pia started out as a scientist, earning a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at UC Berkeley working on the biochemical mechanism of site-specific recombination, followed by a postdoc at Stanford studying bacteria-plant symbiosis. After a short stint helping manage sequencing and microarray projects at the Stanford Genome Technology Center, including work on the Human Genome Project, she took a four-year break to raise her young family (a smaller scale human genome project). She then returned to the bench as part of a multidisciplinary, systems biology project to model signal transduction at the Molecular Sciences Institute in Berkeley, and then went on to write grants and manage preclinical safety and efficacy studies for the antiviral drug discovery company Prosetta Bioconformatics.

After Prosetta, Pia became the Scientific Content Manager at The Linus Group, a marketing agency specializing in the life sciences, where she created content (web, video, white papers, blog posts, etc.) and helped develop strategies (content strategies, brand strategies, product naming, market research, etc.) for client companies including Agilent, Covidien, Hamamatsu Cameras, Roche, OptiGen, Genia, NEB, Artel, System Biosciences, and others. Pia left The Linus Group in 2014 to start her own content marketing company, CURIO Marketing, which provides a variety of marketing services for companies that are too small to have a dedicated marketing department as well as for larger companies that need extra marketing support and/or outside viewpoints.