Julie Taylor

Dr Julie Taylor is a consultant in the CMC and bioanalytical areas working with start-up and early clinical development phase companies. Julie’s previous experience has been with Janssen Alzheimer Immunotherapy where she led CMC technical projects on programs developing antibodies and vaccine/adjuvant combinations. Prior to this role Julie was Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Development at Elan Pharmaceuticals with responsibility for all CMC development activities. While working there she contributed to the development and successful approval of Tysabri¬Æ and Prialt¬Æ. Earlier in her career Julie led the bioanalytical development team at Elan Pharmaceuticals directing pre-clinical and clinical assay development, validation and testing activities. Julie studied at the University of California in San Francisco as a postdoctoral researcher. She has a PhD in Biochemistry and a BSc in Nutrition from the University of Surrey, UK.