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Statement issued by CLSI President & CEO Lori Lindburg to ensure legitimate travel by immigrants and refugees from all countries to the US

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO (Jan. 31, 2017) – The vibrancy of California’s life sciences sector depends heavily upon providing employers and research institutions with a talent pool that is second to none. The California life sciences industry attracts the best and brightest scientists, students, faculty and other experts from around the globe. These individuals must comply with existing requirements (e.g., visas or green cards) to receive permission to visit, study or work for our industry in the U.S.

It is critically important for California’s ongoing life sciences leadership – in a sector that employs nearly 300,000, and creates products that enhance and save millions of lives – that such individuals can travel to and from the U.S. under a clear, efficient and predictable framework of rules.  Such a framework must also be rigorously focused on its purpose of mitigating threats to U.S. citizens and be non-discriminatory.  We urge the Administration to move quickly to ensure that legitimate travel is not obstructed, so that our position as the global leader in life sciences innovation, investment and job creation is sustained