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FAST/Fellows/CARB-X Round-Up May 2018

FAST & Fellows Round-Up

  • Pheronym (FAST Fall 2017) on ABC’s WCJB-TV’s Tech Tuesday feature on pheromones changing the behavior of nematodes – watch the interview here
  • An interview with Andre Watson, CEO of Ligandal (FAST Spring 2016) on Personalized Gene Therapy Watch Here
  • Eidos Therapeutics (FAST Spring 2016) announced commencement of Phase 2 clinical trial to assess lead candidate AG10 in patients with symptomatic transthyretin amyloidosis (ATTR) cardiomyopathy Read More
  • GigaGen (FAST Spring 2015) announced appointment of Sheila M. Keating, PhD, as Director of Immunology to lead GigaGen’s recombinant hyperimmune gammaglobulin to the clinic Read More

CARB-X Updates

  • CARB-X announced the UK Government’s Global Antimicrobial Resistance Innovation Fund (GAMRIF) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have joined the CARB-X partnership to support scientific research around the world to develop new vaccines, preventatives and other products against drug-resistant bacterial infections. GAMRIF and BMGF have committed an aggregate of up to $52M over the next three years Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, Spero Therapeutics appointed Ian A. Critchley, as Head of Clinical Microbiology to lead Spero’s pre-clinical and clinical microbiology efforts Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, Amicrobe appointed Doug Looker, as Vice President of Preclinical Development and Manufacturing in anticipation of product trials Read More Amicrobe also just announced filing of international PCT patent application focused on safety in the treatment of antibiotic resistant infections Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, VenatoRx Pharmaceuticals founders Christopher J. Burns, Luigi Xerri, and Daniel Pevear are named EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Finalists in the Greater Philadelphia Area Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, Entasis Therapeutics announced an exclusive license agreement with Shanghai based biopharmaceutical company, Zai Lab, for a collaborative development of ETX2514 in the Asia-Pacific region Read More
  • CARB-X awards up to $9 million to Switzerland based company Idorsia to support the development of a new class of antibiotic, a novel dual-acting topoisomerase inhibitor, to treat patients with infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria Read More
  • CARB-X announces award up to $12 million to Achaogen to support the development of a next-generation broad-spectrum aminoglycoside antibiotic capable of overcoming resistance mechanisms and potentially treating highly-resistant pathogens Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, Oppilotech announced it has been selected for funding for Innovate UK grant to expand their model to incorporate peptidoglycan in cell wall of bacteria Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, Iterum files for $92M IPO to support their Phase 3 clinical trials of oral and intravenous versions of antibiotic sulopenem Read More
  • CARB-X awards up to $6.2 million to Melinta Therapeutics to support the development of a new class of antibiotic called pyrrolocytosine to treat the most serious drug-resistant bacterial infections Read More