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Mammals have evolved over the last 100+ million years to endure extreme environments, including sub-zero temperatures and lack of available food for up to 9 months out of the year.  They do this through mechanisms of self-healing and tissue repair that have implications for human diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and muscle loss. Human therapeutics that work through hibernation-related pathways currently generate ~$1B in annual revenue.

Conservation across species is the best way to predict whether any particular segment of DNA causes disease in humans.  Fauna Bio is leveraging unique and extensive biobank samples integrated with multi-species evolutionary analysis to identify novel drug targets across a broad range of clinical applications.

Fauna Bio is inspired by the untapped potential of non-model organism biology, particularly the extraordinary phenotype of hibernation. We leverage insights from extraordinary mammalian phenotypes to develop novel translational therapeutics for disease prevention and improve longevity in humans. Our long-term vision is to create therapeutics inspired by the rich diversity of mammalian phenotypes to treat disease and enhance human biology.