Free Research Database Access for BayBio Fellows

As a result of a partnership between the BayBio Institute and Bioscience Advisors, Inc., a consulting and database firm founded focused on biopharma alliances, all BayBio Fellows will receive free access to BiosciDB, “the most comprehensive, peer-reviewed reference database on biopharma alliances with a never-before-seen system of tools, queries and crowd-sourcing.”

Many of BayBio’s 160+ Fellow companies will be able to benefit from an extensive database that tracks pharmaceutical deal-flow over three decades including over 5,400 unredacted FOIA documents. Often the licensing fees for leading research databases are prohibitively expensive for young start-up companies. Bioscience Advisors founder, Mark Edwards, who has been involved in negotiating and analyzing biopharma alliances since the mid-1980s, states that “Our partnership is based on the recognition that startups who gain access to important research data that can inform their commercialization strategies are more likely to succeed.  We’re choosing to invest in their success with a long-term view of them becoming established customers.”

BiosciDB offers the following key features:

  • Searchable and downloadable deal data
  • Access three decades of publicly filed biopharma alliances, including 5,400 unredacted contracts obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) disclosures
  • Contract Tagging system that can be quickly searched and shared, with the actual contract language available for inspection.

Companies who are interested in a free trial may access the database by visiting the BiosciDB website. Fellow companies who would like to continue with the complimentary access will have their Fellow status verified by Bioscience Advisors.

For more information on BiosciDB, or to recquest an orientation, please contact Inna Shtargot at . For information on becoming a BayBio Fellow, please contact Lori Lindburg: