Highlighting the Need for Mentors

Biotech CEOs need mentors and guidance, just as members of their team do, wrote Xconomy guest column Hamza Suria on Sept. 26.

“Biotech CEOs are human beings too. But somehow they are often portrayed, particularly by themselves, as herculean beings that can independently solve it all” wrote Suria. “Time for brutal honesty: every CEO relies heavily on others’ guidance regarding how the company collective can be successful.”

Hamza, the president and CEO of San Diego-based AnaptysBio, said that his personal mentors – Carol Gallagher, David Lacey, and Grant Yonehiro – brought different and unique insights that he could not find otherwise.

“The mentor phenotype suited for each biotech CEO is unique,” wrote Suria. “I respect these individuals, often seek their perspective, and in many instances have sought to emulate them.”

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