Janssen Labs Unveils Plan for South San Francisco Incubator

BayBio welcomes Janssen Labs @South San Francisco to the community. The new 30,000-square foot, standalone operation based at 329 Oyster Point Boulevard, South San Francisco, CA will accommodate up to 50 independent, emerging companies to be co-located with staff from Johnson & Johnson Innovation, LLC. Like the successful flagship Janssen Labs inSan Diego, Janssen Labs @South San Francisco will include a combination of shared and private lab and office spaces and feature value-added solutions including operational support, education and business services. Janssen Labs @South San Francisco is scheduled to open at the end of the year.

Janssen Labs is currently accepting applications from biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, consumer and digital health companies for all of its sites, including the South San Francisco incubator. To apply visit

“Our goal is to improve the investment profile of life science companies by drastically reducing the cost and time to market,” said Melinda Richter, head of Janssen Labs. “What started as an experiment has evolved into a proven, comprehensive model that is expanding. Ultimately, success is to bring more solutions to patients that need them.”

Several Janssen Labs occupants have entered into strategic relationships across the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, including two BayBio members:

  • Alector, residing at Janssen Labs @QB3, established a collaboration to explore a novel Alzheimer’s disease target with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Assembly Pharmaceuticals, a company residing at Janssen Labs @QB3 in the Bay Area received an investment from Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation, the venture capital arm of Johnson & Johnson.

In addition, several Janssen Labs occupants have entered into strategic relationships with other industry partners or have received further investment since joining Janssen Labs.

Janssen Labs @South San Francisco will also be home to staff of the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center in California who catalyze collaborations between regional innovators and the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Based in Menlo Park, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation center in California is home to a team of business, science and transaction experts who are focused on identifying and building novel early-stage collaborations with emerging companies, entrepreneurs and academic centers across western North America. This team has full and broad deal-making capabilities, with flexibility to adapt deal structures to match early-stage needs and opportunities.

Janssen Labs currently hosts 53 life science companies across its three incubators located in San Diego, San Francisco(Janssen Labs @QB3) and Boston (Janssen Labs @LabCentral). Janssen Labs in San Diego opened its doors in January 2012 offering emerging life science companies modular wet lab units and office space, as well as shared core laboratory equipment and business facilities. The flagship incubator has since expanded to add a concept lab offering single bench spaces, as well as an open collaboration office area designed to provide a high-energy space where entrepreneurs can interact and exchange ideas