JOINN Innovation Park

2600 Hilltop Drive
CA 94806

Square Footage

Dave Shen
Phone: 510-778-3798

JOINN Innovation Park provides a completely integrated solution for rapid growth biotech companies. Located in the San Francisco East Bay area, JOINN Innovation Parks has extensive leasable space for biological research and medicinal chemistry, GMP manufacturing, and, with an extensive vivarium, provides a complete-range of pre-clinical services, including a full repertoire of disease models, in addition to pharmacology and toxicology studies, across a range of host animal species.

The campus also provide the investment opportunities for those biotech companies on campus, help them to grow with various collaboration opportunities.

Available Equipment
Isolated, and secure office and lab spaces
Autoclaves for glassware and media
Industrial glass washers
Various Built-in hoods
Set-up in place for piped Argon, Helium, Natural gas, CO2,Compressed air, Purified water, and for liquid nitrogen
Walk in cold-rooms
24x7 security patrol service
UPS and emergency power supplies
Numerous and various size conference rooms
Warehouse and storage space

Available Services
Pre-clinical disease models (rodents to non-human primates)
Pre-clinical pharmacology studies
Pre-clinical toxicology studies