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Mantra Bio

Organization Address
600 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 202
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Organization Phone
(415) 498-0059


Mantra Bio is an exosome therapeutics company focused exclusively on harnessing naturally occurring human exosomes to develop safe, ultra-targeted therapies to combat intractable diseases.

Mantra Bio is the creator of REVEAL™, the world’s first OMICS-based exosome intelligence platform. Using REVEAL™, exosomes are rapidly isolated and analyzed from patient blood and human in vitro samples to discover exosome subpopulations that can be directed towards specific cell targets. Mantra Bio then synthesizes therapeutic exosomes carrying drug payloads, such as small molecules or genetic material, to target previously undruggable intracellular targets. The result is a library of exosome vehicles targeted to cells or organs-of-interest to deploy therapeutics with a high safety and efficacy profile, and low toxicity.