Mary Ann Ireland

When to contact Mary Ann:

  • Your company is growing and current managers need to step up to new levels of responsibility.
  • The business is suffering from a lack of accountability and initiative throughout the ranks.
  • Organizational, department, or team mood is suffering, affecting results.
  • A critical milestone was just missed, and no one saw the breakdown coming.
  • The wrong people are heading the effort, despite good intentions.
  • Cross-functional team members are retreating into their silos.
  • The senior team is breaking up into factions, each supporting a different interpretation of the market and a different strategy.
  • Senior team members spend more time qualifying their support than giving it.

Mary Ann Ireland, MA, MSC, is a coach, facilitator, and consultant working primarily with individuals, teams and organizations in the life sciences industry. Clients call on Mary Ann when their team is not aligned with their business strategy or effectively executing on their plan. This can be the result of many challenges, including limited trust, missing conversations, lack of accountability and weak coordination between team members.

Five years ago, Mary Ann co-founded The Stratam Group, a leading-edge consulting firm that uses Commitment-based Management (CbM) methodology to improve the communication and coordination efforts in life science and technology companies. Her clients have included Elan, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Portola Pharmaceuticals, Theravance, Cisco, MedAmerica, Life Technologies Inc., Chiron (currently Novartis), Elavon, and TrendMicro. Prior to Stratam, Mary Ann successfully worked in positions of sales, marketing and consulting for more than twenty years.

In addition to a degree in organic chemistry from Brown University and a M.A. in Organizational Psychology, Mary Ann also holds four coaching certifications. She is a master somatic coach (MSC) through the Strozzi Institute, and is certified in management and leadership practices through the Institute of Generative Leadership. Mary Ann founded the Biotech Organizational Learning and Development (BOLD) group in November of 2003, and leads this 90+ member best practice organization.