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Mētis Biosciences

Organization Address
6969 Bonny Doon Rd
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Organization Phone
(831) 459 0433

Mētis Biosciences is an early-stage biopharmaceutical company developing new therapeutics to combat the alarming threat of drug-resistant bacterial pathogens. Mētis is uniquely positioned to develop its lead compounds into a fundamentally new class of antimicrobials. The novel target of Mētis’ library of proprietary small molecule antibiotics is the enzyme Polyphosphate Kinase (PPK). PPK is closely associated with virulence, pathogenicity, and antibiotic-resistance. It is a highly-conserved enzyme in bacteria and absent in humans, making it an opportune drug target. Antibiotics targeting PPK are expected to have an excellent safety profile. Lead compounds have been identified through an extensive high-throughput screening program. Preliminary in vitro data have demonstrated efficacy against multiple pathogenic bacteria, including drug-resistant strains.