Molecular Medicine Research Institute

428 Oakmead Parkway
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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Marie Berticevich
Phone: 408-523-6260

Since 1995, the Molecular Medicine Research Institute has been bridging the gap between scientific discovery and medical care. Our dual role includes pursuing innovative, disease-oriented research and supporting the growing number of life science start-ups in the Silicon Valley. MMRI fills a niche for entrepreneurial scientists in need of immediate experimentation–offering infrastructure, space, and fully equipped laboratories at a low cost. Affiliates joining the Institute enter a fully operational research laboratory. The per scientist fee structure allows access to all disciplines of experimentation–including medicinal and analytical chemistry, cellular and molecular biology, immunology, and pre-clinical development/pharmacokinetics. The same day affiliates join the Institute, they can begin working in the laboratory to better understand the molecular and cellular basis of their target disease and develop the treatments necessary to advance patient care.

Other benefits include:
–Intellectual property remains unencumbered, no loss of equity.
–Working within MMRI’s network increases company value proposition for financing or corporate arrangements.
–Affiliates have access to research services, partnerships, and mentorships.
–MMRI team includes an experienced group of scientists with a broad range of scientific disciplines and areas of expertise.

Available Equipment
Capabilities and Expertise
• In Vitro
⇒ Tissue Culture
⇒ Cell Biology
⇒ Molecular Biology
⇒ Bacteriology
• Assay Technology
⇒ Label-free, real-time fluorescence
⇒ Bioluminescence
• Radioisotopic Assay Technologies
• Proteomics
• Histology
• Immunohistochemistry
Selected Equipment
• Fluorescence Microscope
• 96-well UV-Vis and Fluorescence/ Luminescence Spectrophometers
• Perkin Elmer EnSpire® Multimode Plate Reader
• Perkin Elmer Piezorray high precision & high density micro arraying system
• Cell culture rooms with biosafety cabinets
• Electrophoresis
• Packard Topcount NXT (microplate liquid scintillation & luminescence)
• Beckman LS 6500 liquid scintillation counter
• LKB Wallac 1274 RiaGamma automatic gamma counter
• Centrifuges (ultra, low speed, and bench top)
• Phosphor imager
• Cryostats and microtomes
• Lyophilizer

Capabilities and Expertise
• Small to medium scale synthesis
• Identification by MS, NMR and HPLC
• Separation and purification by preparative HPLC
• Purification
Selected Equipment
• Rotovaps
• Fume hoods
• Extensive collection of specialized glassware to complement all aspects of synthetic and organic chemistry
• Vacuum and compressed air

Capabilities and Expertise
• Mass Spectrometry
• Molecular mass characterization
• Quantitation of molecules in complex mixtures, formulations and biological matrices
• Custom Analysis
• 1H and 13C 1-D
• 2-D analysis
• Custom analysis
• Methods development
• HPLC purity analysis
• Quantitation of compounds in solutions
• Purification of compounds by preparative HPLC
Selected Equipment
• API 5000
• Agilent 1100 LC-MSD (ES & APCI)
• Beckman Gold Preparative HPLC
• Analytical HPLCs (with DAD)

• DEA Licenses
• Environmental Protection Agency Licenses
• Environmental Health And Safety
• Hazardous Material Licenses
• Irradiation License
• Radioactive Materials License

Available Services
MMRI offers a friendly, professional environment that includes:
• Tissue culture
• Cell / molecular biology
• Analytical / medicinal chemistry
• Radiation lab
• Preclinical development
• Conference/meeting rooms
• Kitchen/cafeteria
• Library
• Reception
• 24 hour access / 7 days a week (cardkey access)
• Private offices and cubicles
• Fiber-optic/computer ready
• Ample parking
• Easy access to Hwy 101 and Hwy 237