Nature: An Interdisciplinary Shift in Demand for Talent Within the Industry

Nature Biotechnology reported that life sciences companies are moving away from narrowly focused specialists to individuals with interdisciplinary academic training. In an article published  September 10 titled “An interdisciplinary shift in demand for talent within the biotech industry,” authors Kathy L. Nuget and Avi Kulkarni reported on a  national snapshot of the current and projected talent needs in the life sciences industry.

Two of the most pressing questions for the life science industry today are “where are the jobs?” and “where are the jobs going to be?” This first-of-its-kind national analysis provides insights into these questions, drawing from thousands of current job postings and interviews with strategic industry leaders across the country about their projected talent needs.

The authors set out to address these questions and to begin to develop a national snapshot of the current and projected talent needs in the life sciences industry. The Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes (CSBI), in collaboration with Booz & Company, conducted a series of interviews with 26 strategic industry leaders—including CEOs, heads of R&D, commercial development, human resources and manufacturing—from March to May 2013. These interviews were conducted in parallel with quantitative analysis using Burning Glass, a proprietary platform that aggregates, extracts, codes and normalizes job data from more than 23,000 job boards, newspapers, employers and other websites.

The report referenced in Nature Biotechnology is based on collaborations between Booz & Company and the  Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes (CSBI), of which BayBio Institute is a member.