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NexGeneGirls Concludes Summer Science Academy for Young Females of Color

The NexGeneGirls 2018 Summer Science Academy Program concluded with a gala event and poster presentation at UCSF’s Genentech Hall on July 26.  The celebration included congratulatory remarks and a keynote address by Traci Scovel, from Genentech’s Head of Branding and Marketing, Talent Acquisition, followed by a panel discussion with the program’s high school participants and their internship mentors. NexGeneGirls Founder, Marlena Jackson, presented the female graduates with program certificates signed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors recognizing their contributions to science.

This summer, nine NexGeneGirls interns demonstrated their scientific know-how in poster presentations on the following:

  • Developing CRISPRi system to knockdown genes involved in oncogenesis of Ewing Sarcoma, UCSF
  • Generation of a fluorescent fusion protein to visualize filopodia to study WNT transportation, SFSU
  • Regulation of ECM proteins by miR-206 in early muscle development in Xenopus laevis, SFSU
  • The Effect of Dax-1on MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cell Gene Expression, USF
  • Dendritic Spine development in 16p11.1 CNV carrier-derived neurons, UCSF
  • Effects of eukaryotic initiation factor (eIF)4G protein families on hiPSC self-renewal and pluripotency, Gladstone Institutes
  • Maternal and Neonatal Genetic Regulation of Vitamin D as a risk factor for Autism and Developmental Delay, UCSF
  • Recreating K7Q mutation in Human iPSCs, Gladstone Institutes

A Few Program Highlights:

  • NexGeneGirls Interns participated in 5-minute Lightning Talks session to a research audience at Genentech
  • Cameron Ross gained experience in analyzing epidemiological data in the R statistical environment to understand how to study genetic risk factors for complex diseases in her UCSF internship
  • Eyuche Okorie will continue her work throughout the school year at the Gladstone Institute in the Noble Laurette Lab of Shinya Yamanaka
  • Jaline Chan will be attending SFSU in the Fall as a pre-nursing student while continuing her research in the UCSF Lab of Lauren Weiss

About NexGeneGirls Spring Bootcamp and Summer Academy

The NexGeneGirls Spring Bootcamp and Summer Academy supported nine young high school women from the San Francisco BayArea. NexGeneGirl participants gained hands-on science training; interned in labs at UCSF, The Gladstone Institutes, University of San Francisco and San Francisco State University; participated in college readiness and leadership workshops, and; led scientific labs for girls at the San Francisco Boys & Girls Club, Don Fisher Clubhouse. NexGeneGirls Founder, Marlena Jackson, is also a Diversity Talent Partner at Genentech.  For more information, or to support the NexGeneGirls program, contact mjackson@nexgenegirls.org. The California Life Science Institute is a NexGeneGirls partner and serves as its fiscal agent.