Redwood City-based Company Scores $35 Million Funding

Bay Area biotech company Dermira, focused on new therapies in dermatology, announced a $35 million financing rand with new investor Maruho Co., the the leading dermatology company in Japan.

This financing, with the addition of Maruho and their expertise in global dermatology, demonstrates Dermira’s continued progress in the development of innovative, novel compounds in areas of high patient need. Maruho joins Dermira’s existing investors – Bay City Capital, New Enterprise Associates, and Canaan Partners.

Dermira was founded and seed financed in late 2010 by former members of the Peplin and Connetics leadership teams, including Tom Wiggans and Dr. Eugene Bauer together with Bay City Capital. These new funds provide Dermira with the resources required to continue to advance its robust pipeline of novel therapeutics for serious dermatological conditions.

The entire release can be found here.