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Xcell Biosciences

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455 Mission Bay Boulevard South
San Francisco, CA 94158

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(415) 937-0321


Xcell Biosciences is developing novel and disruptive systems for cell therapy development and production. Demand for new immune cell therapies, such as CAR-T, has far outpaced the tools to develop and validate them. Modeling primary immune and tumor cell functional interactions under a tumor microenvironment can ensure optimal efficacy and persistence in vivo. Traditional methods lack physiologically relevant readouts and limit therapeutic potential. This has resulted in a large predictive gap between preclinical insights and actual clinical results.

Our solutions focus on clinical researchers developing therapies at the convergence of precision medicine, stem cell technology, and immunotherapy. Our proprietary technology, unlike traditional cell biology technologies, combines rapid primary cell expansion and fine control of cell population mix and phenotype across a range of therapeutically important human cell types. Our products are tailored toward the immunotherapy market, with specialized instrument arrays and medias supporting expansion and control of immune cells, stem cells, and primary tumor organoids.  We are commercializing cell control systems for preclinical immunotherapy development and building our next generation of products to disrupt the cell therapy production market.