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Blockbuster TOKYO https://blockbuster.tokyo/en/home-en/
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s acceleration initiative for pharmaceutical and medical startups aims to encourage the establishment and growth of pharmaceutical and medical startups by providing various forms of support to address many of the challenges these startups face. Beyond Next Ventures, Inc., which has been commissioned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to operate this initiative, has issued a call for participants for Blockbuster TOKYO, which has both a seminar program and accelerator program for pharmaceutical and medical startups.

Beyond Next Ventures (https://beyondnextventures.com) has joined forces with the California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI) to support and grow the potential of highly motivated Japanese entrepreneurs who are developing revolutionary technologies. BNV and CLSI are working in synchrony with a common goal: to commercialize these technologies for public benefit. In 2020 and early 2021, CLSI is partnering with BNV to provide FAST advisory commercialization services to ten (10) emerging life science companies from Japan. The program takes place between October and January, during which the companies are iterating their business plans and vetting their commercialization strategies with teams of industry experts who have been selected on the basis needs of each company’s needs. The meetings with advisory teams focus to meet individual needs. The Japanese companies also gain introductions through the CLSI network and the local life sciences community and explore partnerships and collaborations with pharma and academic entities in one of the world’s most innovative regions- California!