FAST International Company


Organization Address
c/o Univate
Njalsgade 76, third floor
DK-2300 Copenhagen S


Brain+ is a Copenhagen-based digital therapeutics company developing products that can detect, prevent, and treat brain disorders and brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, depression, and brain injury. The Brain+ app (for patients/end-users) and platform (for health care professionals) screens the person for cognitive abilities, affective state, lifestyle, and selected biomarkers with the purpose of detecting strengths, weaknesses, potential impairments, and risks of brain diseases. The app’s A.I. maps a user’s “brain profile” and tailors a unique personalized training program that combines high-intensity cognitive training with gamified digital behavioral therapy. The award-winning Brain+ app has been used (B2C) by over 1.5 million people and featured as “Best new app” (in >150 countries).

The Brain+ approach is unique as it is a platform-based solution, which offers detection, treatment, and monitoring. This is different from the competition that offers one element but not the full spectrum. The Brain+ product and clinical R&D pipeline include 7 large-scale randomized controlled clinical trials in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Depression, and Brain Injury, with the first results pending in 2020.