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Biotech Primer is an education company that trains non-scientists who work in or with the biopharma industry to better understand the science, regulatory, and commercial factors influencing drug discovery and development. With over 20 years of experience and dynamic industry experts, Biotech Primer offers customized training and pre-developed signature classes. Learn live online or take one of our many on-demand, e-learning courses.

  • Prepare your people for a product launch so everyone understands the importance of their contribution.
  • Increase the baseline understanding of the science or regulatory process to enable better communication between teams.
  • Explain how the discovery process works and what information researchers use so your engineers and IT department can implement better systems.
  • Educate new hires or business development teams on the science behind your product so they are more empowered and effective employees.

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BioBasics 101: The Biology of Biotech for the Non-Scientist is an intensive two-day course on the foundational science that forms the backbone of biopharma. We explore the connection between the basic biology and industry applications including personalized medicine, comparative genomics, and companion diagnostics. This course was designed for the non-scientist who wants to better understand how basic biology informs the development of biopharma products.

Five Takeaways:

  1. Fluency in the essential terminology of the biopharma industry.
  2. Understanding of the science driving your company or client’s products.
  3. Improved ability to communicate with colleagues and stakeholders.
  4. Determination of where your organization “fits” in the health care landscape.
  5. Explanation of innovative therapies within the biopharma industry.


BioBasics 201: Targeted Biologics for the Non-Scientist is an exciting, two-day course focused on immunology, immunotherapies, vaccines, cell therapy, gene therapy and RNA-based drugs. Specifically designed for graduates of BioBasics 101 or learners who understand the fundamental biology that drives the biopharma industry. Join us and enhance your fluency in the science, development challenges, and medical potential of targeted biologics.

Five Takeaways:

  1. Rationale behind cancer immunotherapies.
  2. Challenges and second-generation opportunities for immunotherapies.
  3. Differentiation between the types of DNA- and RNA-based therapies.
  4. Improved understanding of gene therapy and genome editing.
  5. Ability to discuss multiple applications of genome editing.


Drug Development Immersion is a two-day, fast-moving course that explores the regulatory, commercial, and scientific factors behind bringing a drug successfully to market. Discussion features both small molecule drugs and biologics. Our instructor illustrates the corporate decision-making process with personal accounts, giving participants unique insight into strategic development. Learn from an industry expert what it takes to get a molecule from the bench into the marketplace.

Five Takeaways:

  1. Criteria for preclinical studies to support first in human clinical trials.
  2. Fluency in clinical development terminology and acronyms.
  3. In-depth look at the FDA and EMA regulatory process and sponsor interactions.
  4. Rationale, special considerations, and study designs for each of the four clinical trial phases.
  5. Understanding of the launch process, life cycle management, and post-approval drug safety monitoring.


Biopharma Revenue Forecasting that Drives Decision Making and Investments is a two-day tactical course invaluable for organizations that work in both preclinical/early clinical development all the way to mature biopharma. Develop knowledge of the core elements of revenue forecasting including pricing, competitive assessments, and epidemiology. Understand how the geography of the US, EU, Japan, China and the rest of the world impacts revenue forecasting. Join our industry experts as they bring to life the ‘logical process’ of revenue forecasting using real-life case studies that participants work through together.

Five Takeaways:

  1. Develop a broad understanding of how and why revenue forecasts are developed to drive strategic decision making and investing in the biopharma industry.
  2. Become fluent in the core elements of revenue forecasting including: epidemiology, competitive assessments, market share assignment, duration of therapy, pricing, gross-to-net margins, and annual price increases.
  3. Understand how revenue forecasting varies across geographies and the considerations that need to be accounted.
  4. Demonstrate the logical process (workstreams) that leads to effective, defensible revenue forecasting and the interpretation of its findings.
  5. Generate insights and actionable decisions from the forecasting process.