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Biotech Primer


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BioBasics: Biotech for the Non-Scientist: a two-day course designed to give participants a working knowledge of the fundamental industry terms and applications, enabling more effective communication with colleagues. The course reviews the healthcare sectors and the scientific concepts required for understanding the biopharma industry. Building on this knowledge, the course delves into the cause of genetic and infectious disease, how disease is diagnosed, and the various therapeutic strategies used to mitigate disease. The latest innovations in immunotherapies, RNA technology, gene therapy, checkpoint inhibitors, CAR-T and more are explained.

Drug Development Immersion: an intensive two-day course in which participants learn the regulatory, commercial and scientific considerations required to successfully bring a drug to market. The course concentrates on the regulatory, commercial and scientific considerations required to successfully bring a drug to market. Discussion points will feature both small molecule and biologic products. Numerous personal accounts and war stories are used to illustrate the decision-making process companies use, giving participants a working knowledge of strategic development.

Understanding Drug Pricing and Reimbursement: a one-day course focusing on the complex relationship between drug manufactures, government policy, insurers, pharmacies, employers, and patients – particularly invaluable to those in government, finance, law, insurance, human resources. The course explains what a drug formulary is, how they differ from one another, and what considerations are accounted for when deciding which drugs to accept onto a formulary. It also explores the various constituents concerned with pharmacoepidemiology and how this information is used to inform drug policy, followed by pharmacoeconomics and the various methodologies of drug pricing and reimbursement. The course offers a detailed description of pricing and marketing strategies used by drug manufacturers, with consideration of a drug’s product lifecycle, direct-to consumer advertising, and discounts to various purchasers such as government and 340b entities.

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