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From the Laboratory to Leadership: helps participants assess who they are as leaders – their strengths, styles, and personal brand, and helps develop skills in the areas of communication, priority management, meeting management, goal setting and planning, delegation, performance management, and leading teams in a dynamic workplace. To drive high levels of engagement and impact, this program integrates learning pods, utilizes technology to measure progress and support a variety of learning styles, encourages participants to use their companies as learning labs, and helps clients set goals that deliver measurable results.

Leadership Edge for Women: a 6-part series (which can be taken as one-day workshops) designed to empower women leaders to get the EDGE, enabling them to excel within their companies, develop their authentic leadership style, gain support, skills, and tools, and elevate their success. Additional themes include: networking for success, developing an executive presence, leveraging emotional intelligence, and vision as a leadership tool. The curriculum is customized to the unique culture of each of participants and is designed to achieve their specific goals.


From the Laboratory to Leadership, what do graduates have to say about this program?

The From the Laboratory to Leadership program was very much a self-discovery journey for me. I was amazed to find out how people could be different in their personalities and work style. The instructor shared useful techniques for the success of individuals and corporations. The program helped me understand how a successful corporation works and implement the knowledge in my daily work. I strongly recommend the program for people who want to learn about goal setting, strength, priority management, coaching, delegation and interviewing.

– Rafi Chapanian, Staff Scientist, Eupraxia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

It’s has been great experience taking the “From The Laboratory To Leadership” training course. This course triggers my thoughts to re-visit “Leadership”, i.e. realizing its importance to enhance team productivity and it is achievable by building the concept and follow with daily practices. In the past, I have been viewing leadership as a complicated knowledge/skills that requires specific talent to achieve it and I thought leadership is the manager’s job (as long as I do good on my part of responsibilities). After taking the course, I believe leadership can be learned/trained and leadership is a required concept/practice for team members from all levels to ensure team productivity. I feel I have learned some key concepts and feel comfortable to put them into practices and to continue learning/digesting the concepts/skills from the course and from other resources.”

– Chi-Sung Chiu, RanNa Therapeutics, Senior Scientist

This class has totally opened up my eyes to different perspectives and ideas on how to interact with my coworkers…Game Changer!

– Forrest B.. Research Associate 11, NanoString Technologies, Inc.

Thank you. The ‘From the Laboratory to Leadership’ is a great course and is very beneficial to our organization.”

– Nick D’Ambrosia, Director of Software Engineering, Stratos Product Development LLC

Made me realize that leadership is an art and that I want to do it well.”

– Ann Mead, Director of Operations, CA Life Science Association

Why is The Leadership Edge one of our partners of choice for over 20 years?  For nearly 30 years, The Leadership Edge has worked with over 6,000 scientists and engineers from over 600 life science companies.  They continue to develop and strengthen the collective talent of people in purpose-driven life science companies around the world.  From the Laboratory to Leadership will accelerate your employees performance and we strongly recommend this development program.

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