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Train-Up / Manage-Up Inclusive Mentoring Program

The CLSA/CLSI Racial & Social Equity Initiative is providing an opportunity for up to 30 industry mentors and 30 mentees to participate in a 3-month Train-Up / Manage-Up: Inclusive Research Mentoring Training Pilot.

This novel training is designed to teach industry professionals how to efficiently and effectively train, performance manage and support diverse interns, while empowering both mentors and mentees to foster inclusive, high functioning working relationships.

Developed initially for academic research lab-based internships by UCSF’s Office of Career & Professional Development and the City College of San Francisco (CCSF) Biotechnology Program through an NSF grant, the industry pilot group will work with trainers to help translate the program to an industry setting while going through the training with mentees.

How does it work?

The pilot is in two parts: Initial parallel training for both the mentor and mentee, which is open to 30 mentor participants and 30 mentee participants. Following the training, 10 mentor-mentee pairs will receive individual coaching to further develop the mentor’s personal training and supervisory approach and the mentee’s ability to proactively navigate professional relationships throughout the internship.

What is the training schedule?

The 3-month training begins in May and ends in July for mentors.

May: Mentor training will consist of three 90-minute virtual training sessions focused on the following:

  1. Three Goals for Managing Performance: Productivity, Morale and Well-Being
  2. Inclusive and Sustainable Supervisory Best Practices
  3. Diversity: Supervising People Who Aren’t You

June and July: When many internships begin, mentors will participate in four additional 90-minute sessions focused on:

  1. Using Evidence-Based Practices to Train Inclusively
  2. How Good Mentors Accidentally Build Toxic Work Environments (& What to do About it)
  3. Defining and Developing Your Feedback Strategy & Style
  4. Assessing & Recalibrating Performance Expectations in the First 30 Days

Meanwhile, student interns will participate in four parallel “Manage Up” training sessions in June focused on:

  1. Assessing the Landscape & Establishing Yourself in a New Position
  2. Identifying & Clarifying Your Mentor’s Performance Expectations
  3. Obtaining & Systematically Responding to Feedback
  4. Proactively Managing Up Throughout Your Training Experience

June, July and August: The 10 mentors and mentee pairs will be supported with coaching in working together more effectively. Additionally all mentors and mentees will be asked to help improve the training by participating in surveys and focus groups to provide feedback on the training modules.

Interested in participating or learning more?

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There are a limited number of slots available for the pilot.