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To ensure that academic and training organizations respond to the industry’s evolving hiring and talent needs, CLSI conducts biennial workforce trends analyses. These reports provide key data that demonstrates the industry’s job growth engine to public officials, helps steer training dollars towards industry hiring needs, and informs curriculum and professional development.

2018 TALENT INTEGRATION: California Workforce Trends in the Life Science Industry
The “2018 Talent Integration: California Workforce Trends in the Life Science Industry” report captures up-to-date information on the most critical current and projected talent needs of California’s innovative life science industry. Produced by the California Life Sciences Institute and the Biocom Institute, the report shows that California’s life science industry continues to be one of California’s leading employers, creating jobs for over 360,000 people. Securing the right talent for a dynamic industry characterized by disruptive discoveries, an ever-complex regulatory environment and the globalization of health care are all leading concerns for life science executives. The report analyzes three data sets from 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, including almost 10,000 California life science job postings, survey responses from 117 human resource and hiring managers and interviews with 41 leading life science employers across the state.

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2016 TALENT INTEGRATION: California Workforce Trends in the Life Science Industry
The life sciences industry is under pressure to find new ways to deliver value to its stakeholders, fast and economically. As the global economic and regulatory climate for the industry changes, so does the demand for the right kind of people to meet the industry’s evolving talent needs. In an effort to highlight this demand, CLSI and the Biocom Institute presented a statewide study of the current and projected workforce trends of the industry in California in 2016.


2014 CSBI DEMAND FOR TALENT: Current & Projected Workforce Trends in the Life Science Industry
Two of the most pressing questions for the life science industry today are “where are the jobs?” and “where are the jobs going to be?” This first-of-its-kind national analysis provides insights into these questions, drawing from thousands of current job postings and interviews with strategic industry leaders across the country about their projected talent needs.

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California Industrial Biotech Workforce Survey (2011)
California’s industrial biotechnology sector experienced record-setting growth over the last five years, according to results from the second annual statewide California Industrial Biotechnology Workforce Survey. Conducted by CLSA predecessor BayBio and BIOCOM in collaboration with Radford, the survey revealed that industrial biotechnology companies – those focused on biofuels, feedstock and bio-based industrial chemicals – grew 632 percent between 2006 and 2010.

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