Ramani Aiyer

Ramani A. Aiyer heads Shasta BioVentures, a Life Sciences R&D and Business Development consultancy offering strategic advisory and project management services. Currently, he serves part-time as Executive Vice-President of TheraBiol, Inc., a start-up focused on discovery and development of a novel monoclonal antibody therapy for HIV/AIDS patients who fail to respond to current antiretroviral therapies. He also was a member of BayBio’s Fellows All-Star Team (FAST) supporting GigaGen. Ramani has a PhD in Biochemistry from Harvard, did post-doctoral research at Stanford and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and MBA from University of California, Berkeley. He has over 20 years’ experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, with major roles in R&D strategic planning, mentoring scientists and leading project teams. Earlier, Ramani was Chief Scientific Officer at Actis Biologics (INDIA), a start-up bio-therapeutics company, and prior to that Senior Vice President, R&D Strategic Planning at Piramal Life Sciences (INDIA). Ramani’s other roles have included management consulting, and senior positions at Genentech, TransMed Biotech, LifeScan acquired by Johnson & Johnson), and Sugen (acquired by Pharmacia/Pfizer).