Yvonne Linney

Dr Yvonne Linney has a scientific training and more than 25 years’ executive experience at industry-leading companies in the life sciences and diagnostics focusing on product strategy and business growth in both large corporations and startups.

Throughout her career Yvonne has led strategic initiatives around concept to commercialization for new technologies, including DNA Sequencing, Genomics and Laboratory automation. She has been responsible for assessing overall businesses, which are often struggling, determining solid growth and/or acquisition opportunities and then implementing those plans with successful outcomes. As CEO she developed a business model to drive revenue generation and operational focus, leading a fundraising round which attracted a strategic partner and took the business to a new level.

Until the end of 2018 she was CEO of Transcriptic, a startup company in the San Francisco bay area founded to enable remote life science research. She joined the company in 2015 as Chief Operating Officer and became CEO at the beginning of 2017.

Previously, she was an executive at Agilent Technologies, initially as Vice President and General Manager for the Genomics Business, then VP Strategy and Business Development for the Life Sciences Group and finally expanding her role to Vice President and General Manager of the Life Science Solutions Division.

Prior to joining Agilent in 2006, Yvonne held senior product marketing positions at Bayer Diagnostics, (now Siemens Healthcare) and Caliper Life Sciences (now part of Perkin Elmer). From 1993-2003, she was a key member of the senior leadership team at Amersham International (now GE Healthcare), collaborating with the founding members of the Global Human Genome Project.

Yvonne holds a BS in Microbiology and Virology from Warwick University, UK, and a PhD in Genetics from Leicester University, UK