Teddy Johnson

Teddy Johnson is the Managing Partner of Revenue River Partners, which conducts market research and develops clinical and commercialization strategies for healthcare companies worldwide. Teddy joined the healthcare community over 20 years ago, after graduating from Stanford University’s mechanical engineering program. Since then, he has served start-up and Fortune 500 companies in research, design, clinical, marketing, and sales leadership roles. Along the way, he earned his MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School and his Professional Engineer license. With hard work, good judgment, and a little luck, Teddy has celebrated 2 IPO’s and 3 acquisitions, while earning several patents and commercializing dozens of new products worldwide. As a way of giving back to the community, Teddy mentors start-ups in Seattle and the Silicon Valley through Life Science Washington, California Life Sciences Institute, and the QB3-Rosenman Institute.