Janice Kolberg

Janice Kolberg received a BS degree in Biochemistry from the University of California, Davis. Upon completion of her degree, Janice received her PhD in Biochemistry from Iowa State University. Her thesis research focused on the interactions between proteins and RNAs in ribosomes. Upon completion of her thesis research, Janice taught chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

Janice joined Chiron in 1987 as a Scientist. Janice began her work at Chiron in the Nucleic Acid Chemistry group where she worked a developing prototype quantitative nucleic acid assays for a number of different nucleic acid targets. Janice held positions of increasing responsibility moving from Principal Scientist to Assistant Director to Director. For most of her tenure at Chiron, Janice led a research group with responsibility for developing prototype quantitative nucleic acid assays. Most of this work was done using branched DNA signal amplification (bDNA). The prototype assays developed by this group became the basis of the FDA approved products for the quantification of HCV and HIV. Janice and her group established a number of collaborations to look at the clinical utility of these quantitative assays. These collaborations resulted in numerous publications and presentations. Research collaborations also looked at a number of different infectious agents including HBV, CMV, and M. tuberculosis. Janice’s team also led efforts in looking at the genetic variation of HCV and the work from Janice’s group was the basis for the classification of the genetic variants of HCV. Janice also led research efforts to look at the bDNA technology for applications in areas outside of infectious disease. Research efforts included detection of cellular mRNAs and the use of the bDNA technology for “in situ” applications.

Following the merger of Chiron Diagnostics with Bayer Diagnostics, Janice was involved in identifying and evaluating biomarkers for a number of different diseases including a number of markers with application in oncology. For several years Janice was on assignment at a life science venture capital firm. In that role Janice served as a technical advisor relative to early stage diagnostic investment opportunities.

From 2005 – 2012 Janice served as the Vice President for Diabetes Research at Tethys Bioscience. In that role Janice led the clinical studies to develop and validate a test for assessment of diabetes risk. More recently Janice has been an independent consultant working on assessment of diagnostic opportunities.

Janice has served as an editor and reviewer for several journals. She had written or co-authored over 50 publications and been issued over 20 patents.