Sarah McCurdy

Sarah McCurdy has worked in the life sciences for over 25 years providing executive level, management expertise to enable new initiatives to accelerate at a faster and smarter pace. In her early career, she worked in the lab helping to develop the first picks and shovels for the fledgling biotech industry – automated instruments for DNA and peptide synthesis at Applied Biosystems, Gilead Sciences and massively parallel gene sequencing at Lynx Therapeutics. After obtaining an MBA, Ms. McCurdy transitioned into a business role at Lynx and followed with increasing roles of responsibility – Business Unit Leader at Gore Medical, a manufacturer of Class II/III medical devices and more recently as CEO for ClearLight Diagnostics a 3D tissue analysis start up. Currently, Ms. McCurdy is the President and CEO of Molecular Decisions, a proteomics start up with an assay that quantitatively and rapidly measures protein biomarkers from biopsies, tissue and cells.