Alpana Naresh

Alpana is a biopharmaceutical professional with over 12 years of research and development experience.
She is currently a Senior Application Scientist at JSR Micro INC. and responsible for building bioprocess capabilities for JSR’s bioprocess products to support application needs of US and global customers.
Alpana’s areas of technical expertise include process development, cGMP, technology transfer, biochemistry and molecular biology with special expertise in protein expression and purification in bacterial, viral, yeast, and mammalian systems. She has worked on development of various biomolecules including immunoglobulins as personalized vaccines for cancer; antibodies, Fab and Fc for therapeutics development expressed in both mammalian and bacterial system; and other peptides and proteins like histones, histone modifying enzymes and GM-CSF . She has effectively contributed to various organizations in academic, research and industrial settings by blending her scientific expertise and project management skills for delivery of projects on time and within resource constraints.
Prior to joining JSR Micro, Alpana as Associate Director of Process Development at Sutro Biopharma, developed processes for cell free protein synthesis platform for production of biologic therapeutics. She developed purification processes for commercialization of personalized immunotherapy at Genitope. She did her post postdoctoral studies at Stanford University in Dr. Michael Cleary’s lab studying mechanism of leukemia. Alpana has Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, India.