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CLSI’s Small Business Response Team to Help Startups Navigate Covid-19 Uncertainties

While the industry is quickly marshalling its resources to confront the COVID-19 challenge head on, CLSI is aware that the next 24 months will be especially critical for many of our small life science companies as they navigate new pandemic-related uncertainties.

CLSI has thus established a Small Business Response Team to address critical questions that CLSA Fellow startups are confronting in the areas of finance, supply chain, HR and more.  Since the Shelter in Place directive, CLSI and its Response Team Advisors have provided assistance on such issues as:

  • detailed PPP provisions, government aid or other COVID response funds and how to access
  • restructuring financing
  • assistance with non-clinical packet preparation
  • access to key equipment
  • how to negotiate around closures/slowdown of CROs
  • sourcing reagents, materials and kits for COVID diagnostics in CA clinics
  • connecting independent manufacturers to materials providers (biological materials, services/PPE) and to aid with NIOSH certification
  • connecting with scientists to help design COVID vaccine scaffolds
  • connecting virologists to epidemiologists
  • navigating current uncertain investor / funding landscape
  • considerations as startups pivot towards COVID diagnostics, therapeutics or vaccines
  • connecting clinicians in SF, LA and SD with local 3D printers of PPE
  • utilizing its network to enable supply of repurposed compounds to address morbity/mortality in COVID-19 patients to University of Edinburgh’s clinical therapeutic development program

Are there critical questions you need help with? If so, or for more information, please contact Julie Harness.