Entrepreneur Services

CLSI and CLSA entrepreneur services and offerings connect life science startups to the resources needed to help them grow into the next generation of life sciences giants.  Our programs create a platform for accessing the wealth of experience of Californian’s vibrant life sciences cluster, bringing our community together to connect, learn and network. We connect startups with potential business partners, investors, disease foundations, patient advocacy organizations, peers and other industry leaders.

CLSA Fellow Membership
Designed to nurture and grow new and incubator companies in California, CLSA Fellow membership allows qualifying life science startups to access the complete CLSA portfolio of benefits at a significantly reduced rate. Fellow membership allows early-stage companies to connect to and become a part of the most vibrant and experienced life science community in California and to access the collective purchasing power of the world’s largest life sciences cluster. In addition to enjoying significant savings through group purchasing and event discounts, Fellows may also apply to the Fellows All-Star Team (FAST) Accelerator to receive intensive team advising on their development and commercialization strategies.


Fellows All-Star Team (FAST) Accelerator
The FAST Advisory Program provides selected CLSA Fellows with intensive team review and coaching to perfect their business model and product development plans, and to build a compelling commercialization strategy. Experienced entrepreneurs, product and business experts (which may include clinical development, regulatory, reimbursement and business development specialists) advise the selected Fellows during a ten-to-twelve week program, culminating in a final FAST Showcase presentation to a broad audience that includes potential investors and partners.


FAST International
For non-U.S.-based clusters seeking to grow their regional economies, help their life science researchers and early-stage companies gain commercial footholds in U.S. markets, and bolstering their own life science clusters while enabling their companies to develop subsidiaries or commercial spin-offs in the United States. FAST International connects them to world’s most mature and experienced life science cluster.


CLSI Partnering Services
For biopharmaceuticals and life science researchers and startups seeking to partner on novel technologies for co-development.


CARB-X Accelerator
As a member of the world’s largest international public-private partnership devoted to combatting antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the CLSI CARB-X Accelerator helps young companies in the AMR space access non-dilutive funding, entrepreneurial support and subject-matter expertise to drive innovative products into the clinic.


Lab Sapce/Incubators
Please contact Steve Karp at skarp@califesciences.org if you are looking for lab space.


Fellows/Small Company Advocacy Task Force
CLSA’s Fellows/Small Company Advocacy Task Force is a platform for interested small companies to get involved in advocacy issues of importance to the life sciences industry. The Task Force helps smaller companies within CLSA’s membership stay appraised of legislation on the federal, state, and local levels; and discusses and develops positions regarding issues of particular importance to start-ups and pre-formation companies. The Task Force also is involved in CLSA policy and advocacy events, such as the annual Public Officials Receptions, and roundtables with elected officials. To learn more or join the Fellows/Small Company Advocacy Task Force, please contact Reese Isbell directly.