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Organization Address
Itäinen Rantakatu 74D 172
20810 Turku, Finland

Etsimo is a Finnish healthcare company capturing the untapped potential of available health data to provide better care: more accessible, more personal and at lower cost. Etsimo uses AI to transform the healthcare experience and delivering benefits for all stakeholders; the patient, the provider and the payer.

Etsimo’s platform is a consumer-first virtual care solution for driving better health to consumers at a lower cost by transforming deep consumer data into actionable and timely signals for improved outcomes. It’s the foundation for a learning health system capable of delivering data-driven and personalized reactive, predictive and preventive healthcare. Being cloud-based and API controlled, it can be configured to fit the customer’s use case, service design and existing or new processes. Etsimo’s customers are healthcare providers, insurance companies and national health systems.

Etsimo is a certified medical device within the EU and in Brazil. Etsimo is actively seeking customers, partners and investors.”