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FAST/Fellows/CARB-X Round-Up March 2018

FAST & Fellows Round-Up

  • Big3Bio interviews Inflammatix (FAST Fall 2017): Interrogating the Immune System for Diagnosing Infection Read More
  • SciBac (FAST Fall 2016) selected to present and compete at Partnering for Growth’s Biotech Innovation Showcase on March 20 More Info
  • Cairn Biosciences (FAST Fall 2015) featured in the San Francisco Business Times on the importance of Mission Bay’s incubators and the value they bring to entrepreneurs for getting access to world-class facilities Read More
  • GigaGen (FAST Spring 2015) presented methods for rapid immune-oncology antibody discovery at 2018 Keystone Symposia on Antibodies as Drugs Read More
  • Sandstone Diagnostics (FAST Fall 2013) showcased Trak™ Fertility Products at HIMSS 2018 Intelligent Health Pavilion™ Read More
  • CLSA Fellows member twoXAR raised $10 million in Series A financing led by SoftBank Ventures to build the company’s drug pipeline Read More

CARB-X Updates

  • CARB-X announced its 2018 rounds of funding to support research into the development of antibiotics, vaccines, diagnostics, devices, and other life-saving products to respond to the threat of drug-resistant bacteria Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, Debiopharm Group announced an investment in antibiotic development with acquisition of ABAC Therapeutics Read More
  • CARB-X awards up to $4.0 million to Curza to develop a new class of antibiotics to treat a broad spectrum of life-threatening Gram-negative bacteria that are resistant to existing antibiotics Read More
  • CARB-X awards up to $6.8 million to Macrolide Pharmaceuticals to develop novel macrolide antibiotics with gram negative activity to treat drug-resistant complicated urinary tract infections Read More
  • CARB-X awards up to $5.2 million to Bay Area’s MicuRx Pharmaceuticals for the early development of a polymyxin antibiotic MRX-8 to treat multi-drug resistant Gram-negative superbugs Read More
  • CARB-X awards up to $2.0 million to T2 Biosystems for the development of new magnetic resonance tests to quickly diagnose drug-resistant infections in whole blood Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company Iterum Therapeutics raised $78.1 million in a private equity financing Read More