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FAST/Fellows/CARB-X Round-Up October 2018

FAST & Fellows Round-Up

  • FAST grad (Spring 2017) HepaTx’s President and CEO, Eric Schuur discusses how HepaTx came about and how his work will benefit people with liver disease Read More
  • FAST grad (Fall 2016) SciBac Therapeutics is listed on CNBC’s Upstart 100 Read the featured story here
  • FAST grad (Spring 2016) Eidos Therapeutics announced the FDA has granted orphan drug designation for AG10, for the treatment of transthyretin amyloidosis Read More
  • FAST grad (Spring 2016) Paragon Genomics announced introduction of CleanPlex® UMI Lung Cancer Panel, which can detect highly accurate low-frequency variants and mutations for liquid biopsies Read More

CARB-X Updates

  • Powered by CARB-X company, Iterum Therapeutics announced initiation of SURE 2 and SURE 3 Phase 3 clinical trials for IV and oral sulopenem in complicated urinary tract and complicated intra-abdominal infections Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, Entasis Therapeutics announced terms for $75 million IPO Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, MicuRx announced receipt of FDA’s QIDP and Fast Track designations for contezolid for the treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, VenatoRx and Everest Medicines II Limited have entered into an exclusive license agreement to develop cefepime/VNRX-5133 for complicated urinary tract infections Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, Vedanta Biosciences’ CEO Bernat Olle shares a recap of a recent FDA NIH workshop discussing the need for regulatory oversight for microbiome drug developers Read More
  • Powered by CARB-X company, Spero Therapeutics was granted Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP) designation for SPR206, a product candidate for the treatment of complicated urinary tract infectious Read More