Find Opportunities with Pharma Partnering Day

Pharma deals are an ever more important source of funding in today’s market. At BayBio, we’re trying to tip the balance to attract more funding into Bay Area companies.

In October, BayBio produced Shire Partnering Day, a program dedicated to one-on-one partnering meetings between Shire’s business development team and Bay Area life sciences companies.

OncoMed Pharmaceutical’s senior vice president of corporate development Sunil Patel attended the program to learn more about Shire and its unique business development strategy. Patel told me that he never misses an opportunity for potential collaboration.

“I believe it is critical to build strong relationships throughout the biotech and pharma space,” said Patel. “You never know what opportunities might arise. It was great to hear Shire’s views on being opportunistic and the value of moving fast in deal situations.”

Twenty-six organized meetings occurred between Bay Area companies and Shire’s partnering team, providing unique opportunities to start relationships and to learn about Shire’s deal structures and processes.

BayBio continues its Pharma Partnering program on November 15. We are organizing two ways to connect at theBristol-Myers Squibb Partnering Day. There will be one-on-one meetings with pre-selected companies. A company must apply to participate.

We are also organizing roundtable and plenary discussions. These meetings begin at 3:00pm, they are open to all, and they require pre-registration. The Disease Strategy Roundtable discussions will be hosted by BMS and will be followed by an overview of their current areas of interest in biotech and academic partnerships, and their structure for external scientific collaboration. Afterwards, attendees are invited to join BMS for a networking reception.

The Disease Strategy Roundtables will be limited to 15 industry executives per table. The BMS team will lead discussions around four topics:

  1. Oncology/Immunology
  2. Virology/Neuroscience
  3. Cardiovascular/Metabolics
  4. Drug Discovery and Development Technology

This event will provide a great opportunity to network with senior BMS representatives, and is especially suited for companies with discovery programs and products in BMS’s key therapeutic and technology areas.

Additional information can be found online at http://www.baybio.org/events/details/bms-partnering-day-event-2011-11-15/.