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Fluid Biotech

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3655 36 St NW, Calgary, Alberta T2L1Y8, CA


Founded by two neurosurgeons, Fluid Biotech has invented the world’s first bio-absorbable flow-diverting stent to repair blood vessels. We have developed a unique vascular implant that has been designed to gently divert blood flow away from a weakness such as a brain aneurysm, thus allowing the blood vessel wall to heal. Because the stent is made of fine strands of polymer, the majority of the device will dissolve slowly over time without side effects. As opposed to pure metal stents, patients will not require long-term blood thinners and are saved from the cost and risk of invasive follow-up testing.

Stent prototypes have been successfully implanted in experimental animal models and laboratory feasibility studies are underway. A broad-based patent has been issued and additional international patents are pending and cover various innovative design elements of the technology. Rigorous internal quality systems are being implemented and we have a near-term strategy to approach national regulatory agencies for future device approval. Contract partners have been engaged to manufacture the stent as well as a proprietary delivery system.

Bringing to fruition a vision of better health and quality of life through innovation, the team at Fluid Biotech is realizing its mission of creating the next generation of stents to improve patient well-being. This disruptive technology has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of vascular disease for patients around the world.