Fogarty Institute Accepting Applications for Innovator Support Program, Due January 4

The Fogarty Institute for Innovation is accepting applications for its Innovator Support Program. Through this unique program, carefully selected innovators house their nascent companies at the Fogarty Institute in Mountain View, CA and are provided with physician and business mentoring, clinical access, and laboratory/office space to further develop viable ideas aimed at improving patient care.

Applications for the Innovator Support Program are due by 11:59PM PST January 4, 2015, and an application and instructions can be found online at: http://www.fogartyinstitute.org/innovation-apply.html

“To learn innovation, you have to be in an environment where innovation happens” states founder Dr. Thomas J. Fogarty, one of the nation’s preeminent health care innovators with more than 165 surgical patents and 40 startups to his credit.  “At the Fogarty Institute, we have created an environment that nurtures and supports innovation, thus causing innovation to happen, and so innovators learn by doing.”

Mark Juravic, CEO of Materna, a current company in residence states “The Fogarty Institute has helped Materna in so many ways:  the Institute fosters a collegial atmosphere with other innovators to share and bounce around ideas; it provides exposure to unique educational opportunities with experts from all aspects of the medical device industry; it provides strong validation for the companies-in-residence that enhances fundraising success; and the workshop space provides tools needed to rapidly prototype new ideas .”

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Medical device and medical technology start-up companies (not biotech) that can be described in one of the two following ways:
    • Unfunded or modestly funded companies who need support building the technical and/or business validation needed to attract an initial round of financing (typically an “A-round”)
    • Moderately funded companies (perhaps $0.5M-$4M cash on hand) who will greatly benefit from the mentoring support they’ll receive at the Institute to accelerate the development of their technology
  • Start-up companies with no more than 4 members in their team
  • Innovators who are able to work fulltime at the Fogarty Institute’s facility in Mountain View, CA
  • Innovators who will significantly benefit from the unique educational resources (e.g. mentoring and clinical access) provided by the Institute
  • Innovators whose ideas address a major unmet clinical need, or provide an opportunity to significantly improve an existing treatment method

Located on the campus of El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, Calif., the Fogarty Institute for Innovation is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit dedicated to mentoring, training and inspiring the next generation of medical innovators. Through its programs, physicians, engineers and students can learn to successfully integrate their respective disciplines to develop viable ideas aimed at improving patient care.  Companies in residence at the Institute have access to a variety of business and clinical mentors through the Institute’s network and its partnership with El Camino Hospital. Currently 13 companies reside at the Institute in technologies ranging from maternal and early life to cardiovascular to educational software.  It is our belief that innovation is the lifeblood of medical advancement and the key to raising the bar for patient care. To learn more, go to www.fogartyinstitute.org.