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The ability to accurately screen for lung cancer has been studied for decades, but no viable technology has been able to accomplish this task. Picomole’s patented technology and advanced machine learning algorithm has been proven detect lung cancer with high accuracy. We are poised to enter this untapped $2.2B annual recurring market within the next three years, as the first and best in class technology.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide, comprising almost 20% of all cancer deaths (more than breast, colorectal and pancreatic cancers combined). Lung cancer patients, experience exceptionally poor survival rates. Only 8-16% of patients survive 5 years after the initial diagnosis. This grim statistic is partly due to the lack of an effective screening program that would catch the disease in its early stages. Up to 80% of lung cancer diagnoses happen in the advanced stages of the disease, at which point treatment options are limited. Early diagnosis of disease is vital to saving lives and successful screening programs reflect this fact.

Once we have proven our ability to accurately screen for lung cancer and using the same technology we will develop screening tools for other cancers and diseases where early detection will create great benefit for the population.